4th Chase Rally

This year the Chase Rally shared the same weekend as the Cat Rally and Dave Cockerton led five other Phoenix members to Oulton Park for the latter. As I have to work on Saturdays though, I decided the Chase held at Brownhills in Staffordshire would be the best to attend (besides, I've been to the past three rallies). Noel Sheehan also has to work Saturdays and agreed to join me into riding to Brownhills on Saturday evening and Steve White borrowed his brother's 500/4 to make up the boozing party.

I got home from work earlier than Noel so I set to work fitting my Pantera fairing to the Norton. Steve and Noel arrived before I had time to finish and the wiring was hastily done and caused trouble a couple of miles from Brownhills when the headlight went out and all four indicators came on. Noel whipped by me to inform Steve and plunged me into darkness at 60mph. I made it to the camp­site though, with a Honda at each end of my Norton.

After a free cup of coffee we collected our badges and pitched the tent. We then went over to the covered Grandstand where there was a disco and a very busy bar. The evening was spent in company with members of the Corby and Kettering Club.

That night my small ridge tent seemed the cosiest place in the world as the three of us snuggled down into our sleeping bags and listened to the rain and wind that lashed the camp site. Graham and Karen and the C & K were not camping and had to ride home in it. They were not envied.

Sunday morning started sunny but cold and we went for a quick stroll round the field before we had a good breakfast at a nearby cafe.

Problems again occurred on the homeward journey when my Norton started burning oil, but new piston rings have now cured that and half an hour's work on the electrics soon had the lights sorted out.

This is the fourth year that I have visited this rally each year on a different bike and next year should be no exception. Yes folks, the Norton is being pensioned off and a new Ducati 960 GT will be rallied next year. I might even go on a few club runs.

(Message from Sheila, "That's what he thinks!")