"Better late than never" is my excuse for this issue of Megaphone which was originally planned for Christmas. In fact such a lot has happened since the last edition that I think I ought to run through it for the benefit of our new members and those of you who forgot all of last years happenings with New Years day hangover.

The Dinner Dance held at the Golden Fleece last September was a great success largely thanks to Dave Cockerton who provided music & pretty lights. Ian Bower beat off the opposition to take the Round Midlands Rally trophy and while in an amenable mood agreed to become the new Events Secretary. Ben Crossley received the Club Support for his enthusiasm & work for the year & Brian Porter won the mileage competition which was strongly contested.

The Corby & Kettering held a very successful post-Christmas disco that was well attended by our members and the Chase Rally in November was another Phoenix C & K get-together with about a dozen members from each club present. Noel who attended this his first rally is offering a reward for the return of his head which fell off after he drank a lethal concoction prescribed by yours truly & Dave Hill.

The A.G.M. passed somewhat uneventfully apart from the usual excuses and breast beating and the voting on of the new committee. The names of these poor unfortunate people can be found elsewhere in this Megaphone.

Dave Cockerton who is the new Club Runs Captain tells me that he intends to run a Long Distance Endurance run and would like to hear from any hard bottomed riders interested and Noel knows where you can buy reconditioned bike boots for a fiver a pair and a pint of best bitter may persuade him to divulge the address.

My thanks must go to Susan for typing the bulk of this issue and to me for the remainder (got to think about my nails girls) and to Ben Crossley who's pen must be exhausted from writing most of the articles.

Also congratulations to Paul & Lynda on their recent wedding.


Terry Reynolds