The TT 1976

It seems such a long time since June but as nobody has come forward with a detailed account of our holiday there, it leaves me with quite a task. It would be impossible to write about everything that happened (which is probably the reason nobody has) but I shall tell you about a few of the things that made my holiday for me and also decided me to return next year.

I went with Dave Cockerton on his heavily laden F1 and having been to the TT before, Dave knew what happens to your petrol on arrival at Liverpool, so he had calculated how much we would use and was only just right. After a ton up cruise the bike went on reserve 25 miles from Liverpool and we crept along at 50 to make it eak out. A Trident overtook us and the rider checking over his shoulder noticed an indicator about to part company with the bike. Swinging around he caught the indicator but upset the bike. It took him two lanes and a little over a mile to sort it out. As Dave said later, "For a lousy £3 bit of plastic he nearly blew a thousand quid bike".

I won't describe the disgraceful way in which bikers and bikes are treated by the I. of M.S.P.C. as you have probably heard all about it anyway, and the friendly Manx folk soon make up for the hassles. The week was full of little incidents such as:

TT week is not just racing; it's more like a week long rally. Dave and I spent a glorious time meeting new friends, getting drunk, looking at the endless line of bikes on Douglas prom, discovering real bikers' roads and generally having a really great time and I for one shall definitely be there again next year.


- Terry Reynolds