Meal At 'Fleece

Early in June I was invited to go on a Car Treasure Hunt and I was looking forward to this. Unfortunately the evening coincided with a Leicester Phoenix MCC dinner/dance at the Golden Fleece, South Croxton. I was therefore persuaded to alter my mind and go to this dinner/dance, ( a decision that I never regretted).

We arrived at the Golden Fleece to find that only one of our members came on a motorbike. We sat in the garden drinking while the meal was being prepared and Dave Cockerton set up his stereo equipment ready for the dancing later on. Then we all went in and sat down, very hungry and very hot. The tables were set and the staff began to serve the meals. We had a choice of either chicken or beef and we helped ourselves to the vegetables. The plates were piled high and in fact it seemed we would never finish especially when we had second helpings. The meal was beautifully cooked and the staff only too anxious to please.

After finishing the meal the tables were cleared away and Dave's music filled the room. Those who were not too full were dancing and others stood around drinking and listening to the music.

On the 8th October 1976 there will be another dinner/dance at the Golden Fleece and I would certainly recommend it to anyone. The meal was superbly cooked, the drink was the famous Ruddles County Ale and the company great. It was a marvellous evening and I am looking forward to the next.



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