Editorial June/July 1976

Well the TT is now over and returning home on Steve White's battered noggin (he fell off in the Isle breaking his wrist) I found myself with an ever increasing pile of paperwork to be transformed into the famous Megaphone. Actually Susan had done an excellent job of typing the skins and it was just left to me to write a page of rubbish (EDITORIAL) and print and compile the complete Megaphones.

Eleven Phoenix members visited the Isle of Man which surely must be the ultimate bikers paradise with few speed limits, pubs open all day (hic!) very friendly people and a ribbon of road 37 and a bit miles long that serves as a challenge to anyone with two wheels. With a bit of luck we shall have an article ready for the next issue (hint hint).

Last Sunday 13th June all of our RAC/ACU pupils passed their test, a great boost for the instructors. The next scheme starts in July and there are still vacancies for instructors.

Thanks to all those who contributed articles for this issue and I hope all of you can find the time to write a piece for the next issue.


Terry Reynolds (PRO)