Editorial Vol 3 Issue 2

Welcome, albeit rather belatedly, to the latest issue of the club's magazine. I had to introduce it this way because there is a nasty rumour going round at present that many new members have joined the club since the last copy saw the light of day.

Whilst vehemently denying this rumour I do feel bound to apologise for the delay on my part. This stems pertly from a move of residence and work commitments reducing my available time and partly from a nagging fear that all my sweat and sore finger ends (the typing you understand) is not fully appreciated. As evidence of this contentious argument I offer the fact that many copies of the magazine are retrieved from the club room floor late on the night of issue of the Megaphone . Perhaps I'm wrong and for the sake of the next editor I hope I'm wrong. Views on this or any other subject would be welcomed in writing to either the retiring or the new editor.

Which brings me oh so neatly to the AGM when you will be voting for the new committee and should hear the excuses of the retiring committee. The date of this attraction (!) is 4 Feb 1976 at 8.45pm.

One final point before I give way to the overbearing weight (Who am I trying to kid?) of articles to follow. Has anyone got a copy of the last Megaphone , the one with the crossword in that they would be prepared to give to me?

In response to a recent appeal I have received a contribution from a newer club member who has followed my advice as to choice of subject (must be part of getting old when people actually start to follow your advice).


Dave Smith