The Round Midlands Rally

No excuse is offered for the similarity between our rally and that organised by the Norton Owners Club. The fact is that we liked their idea and cribbed it. Still they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

To enter the competition you need only acquire a camera and a powered two wheeler. Then get your control card and a set of clues from myself (Dave Smith) and away you go. The competition will start in about three weeks and will close at the end of September. You will be asked to go to various places of interest and photograph your machine and control card in front of it. Points will be awarded for each place on the basis of ease of finding and distance from Leicester. The outright winner will be the competitor with the most points and there will also be a second place. Similarly the below 200cc class will be awarded a first and second place.

Awards will also be given for 90% of the available points and a lower award for entrants who score 75% to 90% of the points.

Members' pictures will be returned to them at the end of the competition and it is hoped to give a slide show of the organisers shots in October.

You are relied upon not to cheat. If you do so you are only cheating yourself. Also if you have any difficulty please contact Dave Smith or Phil Freestone, the organisers. After all, no-one's perfect and even we might just have made a tiny little mistake.


Dave Smith