The Joys Of Long Distance Touring

To those who have yet to experience the great joys of long distance touring..... the excitement of cresting that distant hill and seeing over the top into the far valley spread beneath like a map.... I say "Do please try it". and to make sure of your enjoyment, forget all that business of regarding all motorcycling as a form of racing - take your time, make due preparations to your machine and take it easy on the road. That way you get trouble free running and you save a load of money, because speed is very expensive on fuel, oil and tyres in general wear and tear.

Most important of all, don't stick to the main roads. They rarely provide the best scenery and they deprive you of the thrill of the true explorer. Take that long detour over minor roads that runs through country lanes where the contour lines on the map are closely clustered, signifying steep and mountainous countryside. In my experience the greatest fun and excitement comes in the wildest and least used parts. And above all use your eyes and curiosity to the full.

The greatest majority of road users are so unimaginative and so glued to the main roads (thank heavens) that even on warm, sunny bank holidays the really interesting side roads are nearly deserted and offer wonderful opportunities for enjoyable riding.

Go on, give touring a fair trial. You will discover that there is much more interest and pleasure in participating in a non-competitive activity like touring than there is in purely spectating.


Brian Porter