Club Timetable

June 19W Darts match against the Fosse Riders at home
23S Club run
26W Club night at Grace Road
July 3W Tyre changing competition at Grace Road
7S Club run
10W Club night at Grace Road
17W Table top rally at Grace Road
21S Club run
24W Mystery treasure hunt starting at Grace Road followed by a club night again at Grace Road
31W Club night at Grace Road
August 4S Club run
7W Slide show at Grace Road
14W Club night at Grace Road
18S Club run
21W Club night at Grace Road
28W Mystery run from Grace Road finishing at Grace Road
Sept. 1S Club run
4W Club night at Grace Road
October 6S Treasure Hunt
Events: by Dave Stocker

First the fictional treasure hunt. What gets me is that it was announced well in advance of its date and members were heard to mutter "Oh goodie, another treasure hunt." Well, what happened to you? Probably it was just unfortunate that nearly every member was doing something else on the day. I don't know, but the only thing that grieved me was the amount of petrol I used planning it. "Ah" some of you might say, "It wasn't all in vain 'cause you can use it at a later date." Probably says I, but how many of the clues will still be there? The moral of this is, if a date is announced, it need not be just a treasure hunt, club runs as well, don't for crying out loud think to yourself I won't be able to go on that, please tell someone.

Next the support competition. Those of you who take time to look at the current (well, almost) positions on the notice board will notice that Roland Potter has a lead of somewhere in the region of twenty points. This is mainly due to his enthusiasm introducing new members to the club so if you want to catch him up you know what to do.

Finally if you have any good ideas for club events or moans about past events, as I've said before, don't think it, tell me and than I'll know what to do in the future.