Irish GCE Examination 1973

1)  Who won the second world war?

2)  Who came second?

3)  What is a silver dollar made of?

4)  Explain Einstein's theory of hydrodynamics 
    OR write your own name in block letters.

5)  Spell the following:-
	C A T     D O G    C A R R O T

6)  What time is the News at Ten?

7)  Approximately how many commandments was Moses given?

8)  There have been six kings of England named George. 
    Name the other five.

9)  Write the numbers from one to ten. 
    (marks will be deducted for every one out of sequence)

10) Who invented Stephenson's Rocket?

11) What instrument does Phil the Fluter play?

12) Do you understand Newton's Law of Gravity?
    (Answer yes or no)

13) Of what country is Dublin the capital?
    (Candidates must not write more than two sides on this question)

14) Spot the deliberate mistake:-
    "An apple a day gathers no moss."

15) Name the odd man out:-
                a) Shamus O'Toole 
                b) Mahatma Gandhi
                c) Sean O'Flattery
                d) Patrick Murphy

16) Who is the odd man out:-
                a) Cardinal Heenan
                b) The Pope
                c) Jack the Ripper
                d) Archbishop of Cantebury

17) Is a dunker?
		a) A person who dips buscuits in his tea.
                b) A contraceptive.
                c) A lorry for motorway construction.

18) Name the winning jockey in the 1973 Greyhound Derby.

19) Who built the great pyramid?
                a) McAlpine
                b) Pharoahs
                c) Wimpey
                d) Thyssens

20) In the Irish Sheepdog Trials,
    how many dogs were found guilty?

Anyone found cheating will be awarded double marks for initiative.