How To Join In 360 'easy' Miles

"Dragon Rally? Never heard of it." , was my ignorant reply when one of my friends at work asked if I was going. Being young - which believe it or not I was once - he finally persuaded me it was something I simply should not miss. Unfortunately it was not quite so easy trying to convince my girlfriend. Anyway, after what seemed like hours of pleading, arguing and shouting, we finally started to plan what we were going to take etc.

At some unearthly hour one Saturday morning in February we arrived at Lee Street Circle. My friend (you know who) not being one of the most punctual people I know had not yet arrived. There we were amongst a crowd of complete strangers, all of them looking as though their bikes were about four times larger than ours. At last Brian Porter arrived, late as usual.

The coming back was worse than the going.

- Ken Stevens

The Leicester Phoenix MCC AND US started off through town to join the A5 and the hundreds of other motorcyclists going to the Dragon.

The weather, as usual, blessed us by raining. The stops for coffee and dinner were very welcome, mainly to straighten out our rather stiff limbs. With many stops and starts we finally arrived, very weary, at about four o'clock in the afternoon. It took us about as long again to find somewhere to dump the kit, then we managed to push our way through the crowd to collect our badge and hot soup - well, luke warm.

Surprisingly enough, although we were cold, slightly damp and the conditions not exactly ideal, we did manage to get a couple of hours kip before it was time to get up and start packing everything away again.

At about midday on the Sunday we started back on our own and just about managed to limp into the first petrol station and fill up with petrol.

The coming back was worse than the going. We were both damp and stiff and I had to keep stopping for old weak-bladder on the back.

After many long hours of riding we thankfully arrived home having enjoyed our weekend. (Sounds like it!)

Anyway, a few weeks later B.P. persuaded us to go down to The Rocket one Wednesday evening and in doing so we once again saw those charming people we had gone on that lovely weekend with, and now, as you know, we are the two most invaluable members in the Leicester Phoenix Motorcycle Club . . . . . . I think!

Ken Stevens