Answer ALL these questions

1. How did you obtain this Megaphone?   Bought at Club Event
Bought at Club Room
Bought from Member

2. How many people have read it?   One
Two or three
Four to six
More than six

3. How many readers are motorcyclists?   None of them
One of them
Half of them
All of them

4. Which articles interested you most?   Calendar of Events
Past Events

5. How do you consider Megaphone 's motorcycle emphasis?   Too little
Too much

6. When would you like to read the next Megaphone ?   Now
Next week
Next month

7. What will you do with this Megaphone ?   Give it away
Lend it out
Save it
Litter the streets

8. How can Megaphone be improved?   I will write an article
I will help to print it
OK as it is
Burn it

  How do you compare?