Vipoms For 67

Should you hear a muted chuckle as you ride down Hall Green Road, that's only Ephram Vipom.

And well he might chuckle. Hasn't he designed the smartest sportster ever seen? ThruxLE is her name, occupying pride of place on the Vipom stand at Earls Court.

There's a Vipom to fit every pocket.

- Brian Porter

More about that later. For their 1968 range Vipoms have fitted an entirely redesigned smoother, sleeker tank badge to increase their performance.

The traditional single cylinder sidevalve engine (automatic inlet valve for 1968 too) powers the three larger capacity machines.

New for the year are the polythene main and nylon big end bearings. There's a redesigned oil pump too - it can be used on your tyres in an emergency.

Talking to Herbert Rot of the welding shop, he said "Numerous mods have been made. Main one, of course, is the redesigned steering head to accommodate the Jumper fork which, as you know, has new rubber bands for 1967."

New colour scheme for the 427cc Vablo and 355cc Vantastic are Custard Yellow with Spilt Milk, but the other choice is Polychromatic Stagnant Green or Mud Brown. At slight extra cost British Racing Rust can be specified.

What does catch the eye is the new 197cc ThruxLE twin. This has detachable wheels, double underhead camshafts, polished racing bulbs, single inverted split pin, double actuating conrods, water cooled flywheel etc - a real 1967 trendsetter.

That's it! There's a Vipom to fit every pocket.

From our special correspondent in Wandsworth, Brian Porter