Here is the basic image tag to put your picture on the page

<img src="photos/filename.jpg">

Hope you saved you picture into the photos folder.

<img class="std" src="photos/filename.jpg">

Another attribute that should go in the image tag is an alternative piece of text that shows while the picture arrives and will pop up at the pointer as a tooltip. It should be a description of the photograph subject but I often use it to show who provided the original photo.

alt="Original photo by Joe Soap"

If the image is not the full 540 pixel width of the content cell column you may wish to flow the text round the photo. This can be done by adding the align attribute, for example align="right" to put the picture on the right. Don't use this because the text buts tight up to the picture and looks crowded. Space could be added using hspace="5" but this adds space on both sides of the picture and puts it five pixels out of alignment with the text column. There are a couple of helpful site-wide style sheet classes for images called "alleft" and "alrght". Add one in the image tag as class="alrght" to achieve a perfectly balanced text flow.

Name the people in the photo.

The maximum image size is 540px x 405px on this site.

Photographs are in JPEG format and are compressed to reduce loading time.