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Picture section containing many photographs in lots of albums.


Photographs on the site are from past members and present friends. They are reproduced here with their permission. Copyright remains with the original owner. Generally photographs may be reproduced with an acknowledgement of the owner and We want to share our memories wherever they are warmly received. Therefore all content is under Creative Commons licence. This is indicated at the bottom of every page.

Random photograph from the Gallery section. Click it to see the album.


Hover your pointer over a face to see if the tooltip shows the name. The status line should also show the name and perhaps more.

More Photos


Most of the photos have been adjusted. They may also be altered slightly. They are then reduced to 540 pixels width and 40% compression jpeg format. This helps them to load reasonably quickly.

If you want the large, original quality version please send an email and tell me which one you want. If it is a photo that slides across, double click it to identify it in Notes, then add your email address and send it. If it is in a thumbnail set, click it to enlarge it, then scroll to the bottom of the page and the "Get Big Picture" button.


Some gallery pages are grouped into decades but as most pages are from individual ex-members they reflect the club activities during their membership and may overlap.

You can move through the galleries using the < and > links at the bottom of each page or the same keys on the keyboard, with Alt, without shift.

Slide Show

Maybe you just want to sit back and let the photos roll by? Let us show you the photos from in random order, ideal to view on a monitor, TV, phone or tablet. (Provide your own rock'n'roll music)

Please bear in mind that these photos are low resolution and many were taken a long time ago and have been "well loved" over the years. If you are using a mobile device, think about your data useage!

The photos have been cleaned of most of the rude pictures and some photos of non-motorcycling subjects that would seem puzzling out of context. All the photos of Embers' cycling have been moved to their own cycling slide show.

Make the picture FULL SCREEN (eg by pressing F11 on a PC). Click on a photo to open the page that photo appears on. Or to return to the website press your device return or backspace key.

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