Coup de Legend

By Dave Smith

Just a few photos of our recent trip to Coup de Legend event at Dijon. Four of us (Phil Freestone, Dave Scrivens, Dave Smith and Dan Smith -next generation Smith!! ) enjoyed great French food and hospitaliy, good weather (apart from rain all the way back from Dover to Leicester ) and some VERY unusual old bikes. Surprising how many continental manufacturers there were, and how few we had even heard of!

Photos by Dave Smith

I cannot tell from this picture whose turn it was to ride the bike while the others slept in the trailer.

Looks like a typical club run ...

... it's raining.

Photos by Dave Smith

Dan Smith, Phil Freestone and Dave Scrivens still catching up on their beauty sleep ...

They must have missed a awful lot of it.

Photos by Dave Smith

I would expect them to paint the fire extinguishers a different colour ...

... to make them easier to identify.