New Born Biker

Before you can become a 'Born Again Biker', first you have to suffer through a difficult childhood. Here is Bob's evidence of what a difficult child he was.

My first motor powered two wheels, can't call it a proper motorcycle as it had pedals. Model is an Excelsior 98cc model unknown. My father looking on 'proudly'. He was dead set against me having motorcycles but as a teenager I just ignored him.

A visit to the Whitwick main colliery circa 1962. An outing organised by the company social club. Very scary/hot & dirty. Well done to the miners who kept our home fires burning. Glad I chose an engineering apprenticeship. I am 2nd from the right of the picture, grinning with relief at escaping the mine.

My first experience of motorcycling on a Velocette combo owned by Brian Porter, venue the Peak District 1963ish. Note the gear of the day, wellies with turned over seaboot socks, anorak, pudding basin helmet. This was the start of my love hate relationship with Velos.

Velocette desecration. Rebuilt in 1966, painted the frame etc in metallic blue. Bike must have been a female as it chucked me off in Wales in a 'hissy fit'. Resolved the next rebuild would be the black & gold version. Note the full head of hair long since gone.

Pratting about rebuilding the metalic blue Velo. The shed in the background was the place were all the bike fettling went on. Note the hairstyle of the Beatles era.

A posing picture in 1967. This Velo was the result of rebuilding the metallic blue painted Velo. Note the clubbing attire of the era, corduroy jacket, shirt & tie, grey slacks, brown shoes & hair.

Velocette 500cc Clubman totally rebuilt in 1968 in the image of a Thruxton using mostly Dodkin parts & engine conversion. The only item I did not change was the original carb so the performance was not as it should have been but still very rapid. Regretted selling it but discovered women with more charms!

Another photo of the Thruxtonised Velocette.

In the stocks whilst touring the Isle of Wight. The bandage was the result of road rash due to over exhuberant riding & hitting the road. Again.

Year 1973 and bikeless due to getting married and buying new house, new car, new suit & wig! Can you see the join?

Laverda 750 SF2 Purchased in 1976. Part exchanged a Honda 400/4 for it. Leather jacket, Bell helmet and gauntlet gloves the riding gear of the that period.

Laverda in standard trim as purchased from Roger Winterburn at Moto Prinz.

My first Harley, a 1200cc Sportster anniversary edition, sadly crushed by a forty ton truck in 2005. Luckily I did not receive life threatening injuries.

- Bob Nash

Now you know where Bob is coming from (the above plus being a member of the Leicester Phoenix MCC through an extended adolescence) you are ready to appreciate the Extracts from the Chronicles of a Born Again Biker.