2023 Cycling

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Cow and Plough, Stoughton

A gentle start to the new year with favourable weather, manageable miles and few hills. Eleven Embers met at Abbey Lane ASDA (some in time for breakfast!) and then wound their way through Abbey Park and Victoria Park to Stoughton.

Despite the first puncture of the year, we arrived at the Cow and Plough before noon and quickly settled in for an early lunch.

From there the many Embers went different ways home and then reported their miles. Total added up to miles on our first ride of a new year.

White Horse, Broughton Astley

Another day of set-backs as well as damp/drizzle/showers. But Embers are nothing if not adaptable.

Severe traffic disruption at the north of the city sent Mick and Ian back to start from Syston. Huge crowd of Ramblers at the Red Lion made the rest of us change our lunch plan.

After refreshments at Cupa Lou's in Broughton Astley we checked that the White Horse could accommodate us for lunch, then went for a quick loop round Leire and Frolesworth to work up a thirst.

This week many Embers cycled miles between them.

Stilton Cheese Inn, Somerby

A cracking frosty day saw seven Embers on the main ride while Mush and Richard Clark cycled locally. Some hills had to be walked because the road was too slippery to get traction. We stopped to warm up at Buttercups Tearoom and reached the Stilton Cheese Inn at Somerby for a well earned lunch.

Out return route took us via Welcome Cafe and we finally reached our start location with the last of the daylight.

This week many Embers cycled miles between them.

Packe Arms, Hoton

Just above freezing and not quite raining today with a dozen Embers riding north from Syston to Hoton.

The Packe Arms at Hoton was a first visit for most of us. Then we headed home in two groups. Some paused for a hot drink at Beardsleys Tearoom before reaching base in failing light.

This week many Embers cycled miles between them.

Hoping for warm pubs in February.