2022 Cycling

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Steamboat Inn, Trent Lock

Not a good start with one Ember knocked off his bike on the way to our meeting.

We then set off on a familiar, flat route alongside the River Trent, pasing for refreshements at the Boathouse Cafe.

We reached the Stramboat Inn for lunch at noon and emerged revitalised into warm sunshine. We suffered punctures soon after beginning our return. Once fixed we detoured to the Attenborough Nature Centre for ice cream, then took the Beeston Canal through the centre of Nottingham on our way back.

This week many Embers cycled miles.

Blue Lias, Stockton

For various reasons, we had a late start from Rugby, so, instead of our usual route, we diverted south from Birdingbury, seeking new roads.

Velo John led us unerringly to the Blue Lias. Back in 1971 it was the location of the Clover Rally, but they didn't hold that against us.

To make up for a short morning, Velo John then introduced us to hills we haven't climbed before. We then returned to Draycot Water for necessary refreshments and a view from the south side for the first time.

Different rides this week saw many Embers cycling miles in their relentless search for cake.

The Bell, Burton Overy

Our ride began at Enderby and riders were picked up along the way. Nine son reached Wistow Park for our banana break. Then we cycled on through Great Glen, reaching The Bell at Burton Overy crack on opening time.

After lunch we rode (or walked) back towards Great Glen along Gartree Road, thankfully only a short section. At Pennbury Farm we paused for coffee and cake before breaking up to take different routes home.

Ian Bower and Mick Ayriss cycled to Gynsills Farm for lunch so many Embers cycled miles in total.

Brewery Tap, Burton on Trent

After a three year hiatus, nine Embers took the trail north from Donisthorpe to Burton on Trent.

We made good progress and arrived before the Brewery Tap was open, so we rattled on the gates until they were unlocked.

With Carol and Tim riding locally, many Embers rode miles to finish off July.

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