Motorcycle Live

NEC Tuesday 7 December 2021

Two truck-loads of superannuated Phoenix embers converged on an unsuspecting NEC for a day of plunder and pillage. We met up at Wetherspoons, where-else?

Our team bringing chaos to carefully planned exibits were old codgers and their minders.

Above are some of them looking typically confused and bewildered.

if the above bikes don't excite you, stand by to be electrified by the following.

Going from head to tail, old and new.

And there are more. You can't have too much of a good thing.

Before departing with sore toes from all the tyre kicking, we were lined up for a roll call to make sure no-one was left behind again.

Hands remained firmly in pockets this year. Left to right: Richard Clark, Ben Crossley, Vikki Loach, Tony Loach, Grahame Billington and Dave Parry. Peter Wright is behind the camera.

We cannot wait for next year's event - so we may return in two years time instead.