2021 Cycling

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Bulls Head

Beginning July with eight Embers cycling from the Bulls Head, Thringston and riding a quick circuit before returning for lunch. Then on to Holy Joe's for cake. This week many Embers put in miles solo, in pairs and as a gang.

Royal Horse

Only five riders reported to Cock Robin Car park at 10.00am. The Famous Five, Richard C, Mush, Graham, Simon and Richard S. Simon cycled in from home, and Graham from Swinford. For once today's weather forecast was spot on, dry, sunny with a little breeze. We soon settled into a steady pace, stopping for our banana break at the usual crossroads at Birdingbury.

The last part of the ride along the Grand Union Canal into Leamington was uneventful, nobody was skinny dipping today. The Royal Horse pub allowed us in, three members selected from the over 60's menu, Gammon, with either a fried egg or pineapple, chips and peas, followed by apple crumble and custard. With a pint of Abbot ale, the bill was £8.51 each, great value for the money. They even took pity on us, allowing us to order food & drink verbally, none of this, "you must order using the Green King app".

The return route deviated slightly, as we decided to follow the official route 41, nice small country lanes, and then back on to the Grand Union canal. The Famous Five are looking forward to there next adventure, we wonder what Enid Blyton has planned for us next.

- Richard Sleath

Down to many riders but they cycled a whopping miles between them.

Stilton Cheese Inn

When your friend tells you we have changed the cycle ride and we are riding to Somerby and coming back it's all down hill, it probably pays to ask the obvious question. Ride sounded OK therefore rode from home to join the Embers in Syston and got home 54 miles later.

- Peter Wright

This week eleven went to the Stilton Cheese while John Ashworth and Derek Jordan cycled to from Newark to Lincoln, total many riders and miles added to our monthly total.

Admiral Rodney

Write down the date. First (and only?) day of summer when many riders cycled miles.

A group of eleven Embers made their way from Gunthorpe Lock to Southall, beginning across fields by the River Trent.

Bulls Head

Finishing a glorious month the way we began with North and South repeating a visit to the Bulls Head, Thringstone. This time cycling all the way there and back! East Group went west into Staffordshire.

This week many riders cycled miles.

North and South ready to head home. Roll in left to right and back to front on Grahame Billington, Simon Over, Peter Wright, Mick Perry, John Muschialli, Richard Clark, Mick Ayriss and Ian Bower.

Hoping for drier days in August.