2020 Cycling

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COVID-19, Week 16

North Group headed west through Rothley, Cropston through Bradgate to Beacon Hill, Quorn, Barrow on Soar to Sileby for coffee and cake at Richard Clark's house. Only got a little wet in the 26 miles.

South Group had an excellent 45 mile trip. Well organised by Richard Sleath including a quiz! Sunshine and showers but happy faces all the way.

Bob and Ben saved their riding until the last minute to take advantage of the sunshine on Sunday. Ben kept within the Red Area and went for a spin round Watermead Park, trying to keep up with Derek Foster.

First week of July with many Embers cycling miles.

- Mick Ayriss and Mick Perry

COVID-19, Week 17

North and South Groups braved the rain to cover a remarkable number of miles on Thursday. They deserved their tea and biscuits.

Excellent week with many riders adding to our miles.

COVID-19, Week 18

Better weather, especially if, like one or two Embers, you saved your cycling until Friday. North and South Groups rode on Thursday and sniffed out a few watering holes for refreshments along the way.

Fewer pictures this week and only from the regular photographers. There were many riders covering miles.

COVID-19, Week 19

North and South Groups kept to six or less riders at two or more metres and cycled to the Deer Barn on Bradgate Park.
Neutral ground to settle turf wars with buns and bananas.

First chance for a group photo since March. We carefully spaced ourselves in a grid formation to make us look closer than we were.

Left to right: Standing - Richard Clark, Mick Ayriss, Grahame Billington, Simon Over, Peter Wright, Bob Nash, Ian Bower, Richard Sleath. Kneeling - Mick Perry, Ben Crossley. (roll your mouse wheel)

North Group then continued west to shout down Glenfield Tunnel. South Group travelled east to meet Mush who was out in his classic Triumph.

Tim Wicks cycled alone this week (unless he can pull in another ride before Monday). We also had Derek Jordan joining John Ashworth as a formative East Group exploring new routes in the Stamford area.

While discovering cafés and between picnics many Embers cycled miles.

COVID-19, Week 20

Summer came upon us with a rush. South Group fielded two parties four riders and three riders carefully distanced but surprisingly following the same route and taking breaks in Saddington and at Foxton Locks at the same time. How weird is that?

North Group consisting of four dedicated Embers took the roads to Tugby with break at Café Ventoux.

Brilliant weather encouraged many Embers to ride miles.

Group rides cautiously returning.

Join us, or on your own. Send in your best day's cycling miles to add to our exploits.

Covid-19 Cycling Rules

These are our conditions for socially acceptable, safe cycling.
Continue to cycle responsibly.

  1. Ride on Thursday (give or take a day or two)
  2. Cycle in a 'household' group
    or with no more than six others and keeping 2 metres apart
  3. Report your name, miles and general route
  4. Send a selfie

Additional notes.

  1. Bring a picnic as well as a banana
  2. Bring your own mug for take-away tea
  3. Carry hand sanitizer and hand towel
  4. Fix your own friggin punctures
  5. "Group" pictures will be Photoshopped

This diagram is to help you find a central location to meet one or two other Embers for a "distancing" ride.

latitude N, longitude W

Use this to get an idea of where the the central point of a group lies.

Click on locations to add Embers to the group. The red cross shows where the centre point is in relation to the selected group. Click the MAP button to see where it is on Google Maps.

Ember locations are approximate. Syston group are spread to separate them. First click on your own location to check if it is correct.


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