2020 Cycling

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COVID-19, Week 12

As June begins we carefully regroup with six, more or less (feet and Embers respectively). This Thursday we had Mick Ayriss, John Muschialli, Richard Clark, Ian Bower and Grahame Billington in the Northern Group and Simon Over, Peter Wright, Ben Crossley and Bob Nash in the Southern Group. Mick Parry went out on Wednesday and then sent in miles. Derek Jordan and his one-man Eastern Group cycled at the beginning of the week to grab the good weather.

Better late than never, Andrew Ayriss lead his even-further-south one-man group on a treck up Snowdon. Sorry, that should read Snowdown near Sandwich in Kent.

First week of Flaming Freezing June with many Embers cycling miles in a vain attempt to keep warm.

COVID-19, Week 12a

It didn't go un-noticed that the rain arrived for our traditional cycling day. That didn't put off keen Embers who turned out in teams in teaming rain. Luckily there are a few cafés beginning to open where riders can dry out.

Despite less than perfect weather many riders covered miles.

COVID-19, Week 14

With a wet Thursday it was a spontaneous decision by independant groups to ride on Friday. Team North comprised, Mush, both Ians, Mick Ayriss, Grahame and Richard Clark.

Team South was Peter, Simon and Ricardo, picking up Ben for a short distance from Ashby Magna.

Maybe odd reports still to come but so far many riders have cycled miles.

COVID-19, Week 15

This week there were five Embers in Group North. South had two groups comprising three and four Embers to keep to Covid-19 Rules, if anybody asks. In practice they cycled just two metres apart.

Ending the month with many riders cycling miles this week.

Freewheeling into July.