National Road Rally

2017 Riders at Kegworth

Photos are selected close to the time when you signed in at Kegworth control. Scroll backwards and forwards to see if you are on earlier or later photos. Sorry if we didn't catch you on camera.

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Saturday starters: Past LPMCC members David Smith and Phil Freestone
This photo by Ben Crossley

These photos are trimmed and compressed. If you want an original, select it as the big photo above then let me know where to email it.

Start of quotation It is me! Would be grateful if you could email it to me, please.

Thanks to all for manning the control and supplying sunny weather. It got worse further north & west! End of quotation

- Glynn Jones

Start of quotation Please could you email the photo of me, my wife would be very appreciative and so would I.

Thanks for all you do for this event specially the matrix; it must be a lot of work for some clever people. End of quotation

- Jan Kisiel