Motorcycle Live

NEC Tuesday 1 December 2015 (part 1)

Two truckloads of Embers invaded the NEC this year. Roland Potter joined us after winning a pair of tickets on-line thanks to Mortons.

Between us we spent some serious money on helmets for next season's ride-outs and touring. They were tested at the Shoei stand and then bought in the market at a useful discount.

Almost as soon as we arrived we found more friends. Photos below show Phil Barton and Stuart Drage from the Kettering and District MCC and Hazel and Pete Cook from East Midland Bikers.

Anyone else who recognised us coming towards them dodged out of our way.

By 1 o'clock we were ready for a sit down and bite to eat. (This is where Ben's "serious money" was spent)

Then it was back to tyre kicking and cardigan dribbling.

There was something for everyone and you could even have a bit on the side.

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