October Reunion

Horse and Hounds, Great Glen
Friday 4 October 2013

Reunion to celebrate Tony and Val Loach's 50th wedding anniversary and to welcome Clara and Alan Jarvis to Blighty.

If Tony could only untie his fingers he could say Grace for our food and we'd have salvation from starvation.

Mush tucked into a small bowl of gruel, just like he does when he's cycling.

Nearer people are Tony Loach, Val Loach and Clara Jarvis

Tony Loach pointed out that the statute of limitations applied to the police files that Clara Jarvis was reading.

Val Fosberry, Jan Muschialli and Val Loach catching up on all the gossip.

Everyone desperately avoided asking Brian Porter how he is these days.

Ooops! Someone has set him off. "Aaagh, grrrr, grumble grumble ..."

Bob Nash, Ian Bower, Jill Finley, Mick Ayriss and Dave Parry

Ok, now we'll ignore him and talk amongst ourselves.

Peter Wright, Paul Draycott and Alan Jarvis

Wishbone and Dirty Eddie wondered what the strange napkin was round Alan's neck.

Ben and Helen singing the chorus of "Four and twenty virgins..."

Mick Ayriss tells Dave Parry about the one that didn't get away.

Ian Bower and Jill Finley worry what will happen when the ball comes out of the scrum behind them.

Tony Loach was delighted that Val had eventually found a wash powder that removed all the Belstaff wax from his shirt collar.

Dirty Eddie warned Wishbone that hed get it stuck - but would he listen?

Group photo taken minutes before everyone started to fall over, sing songs and fight.