Terry Riddle Breakfast Ride

Kegworth to Enderby, Saturday 21 September 2013

Coconut shy

Colin Wood and Chris Marlow of the Christian Motorcyclists Association lead a tribute ride starting from Donington Services.

The riders arrived at their destination bang on time.

About forty riders and pillions came out to show their love and respect of an irreplaceable character.

Neatly lined up at Donnington Services, on the road and in the Foxhunter Toby Inn car park.

Past Phoenix members Allan Jarman, Helen and Mick Ayriss joined the run to pay their respects in the way Terry would have appreciated.

Postscript from Helen Ayriss.

Photo of a picture that fell off the wall at the Foxhunter.

Start of quotation Janice Riddle, Allan, Michael and myself were discussing our next annual 'Quorn Do' meeting which we have been having for many years. A picture suddenly crashed to the ground. When I noticed it was a knife, fork and spoon, Janice remarked that it was Terry saying "Where's me pudding?" which is something he regularly said. We all reacted - like - spooky! It brought us all to tears of laughter and Janice then left us to go back across the to the others, crying - with laughter.

I think a perfect ending to a very memorable and upbeat day. End of quotation

- Helen Ayriss