Motorcycle Live 2012

NEC Tuesday 27 November 2012

Heavy traffic after an accident on the southbound M6 but we still arrived early for breakfast. In fact, 3½ hours early because the Toby doesn't open until noon despite what their website says! So we had breakfast at the National Motorcycle Museum where we met Tony Loach.

A day with a very high "grin factor".

We didn't find other past members at our 11am rendezvous, but heard that Derek Jordan and Brian Porter were on their way.

After brief refreshements we returned to the fray.

Ian Bower and Alan Fletcher found us just after midday. After a brief chat we wandered off again.

Most interesting display from a technical viewpoint probably went to the Metisse stand. Can anyone spare £25k?

Our aim was to try as many bikes as possible and have our photos taken with the gorgeous young ladies.

This is Amy Green from Sheffield who is a lovely Page 3 girl.

We were "wined and dined" on the Suzuki stand (Actually, coffee and a sit down - much more appreciated) while Tony chatted to Faye Pritchard. Eagle eyed Graham Mills caught up with us here.

After trying everything on two wheels our final vote went to the Moto-Guzzi V7 Special that seemed to have all we need in a comfortable and affordable package.

Original photos are much bigger than those shown here. Contact us if you want the larger version sending, identified by time the photo was taken, and we'll send it and any similar photos not published above.