Motorcycle Runs

Vale of Belvoir

John Muschialli was coaxed into taking his Triton out for a run.

Who would expect the weather to be so fine for February?

Excuse for the ride out was to find a suitable route (and pub!) for our cycle rides.


Next ride out on a reconnaissance mission was in May to look for interesting roads on the north side of Rutland.

On this run the riders went through the mill. A flour mill to be exact.


On a dry day (yes dry) but cloudy and cool Dave Parry and I went to Ian Bower's house to go out for a motorcycle ride. After a short discussion Matlock was to be our first port of call and then a ride up to the Monsal Trail unaware there was to be an unexpected sting in the tail of our day.

We set off with Ian doing the navigating taking us across country towards Derby and onwards using the ring road. Didn't know my Enfield could go so fast. Passing Derby Ian, using local knowledge, took us off the main road to Matlock on a very Enfield type of road, all twists and turns with great countryside as well.

After reaching Matlock we parked next to one of the numerous fish and chip shops but, being the strong and silent types, we resisted the lure of them as we were to have other things to worry about.

Ian, after parking his bike, felt it was a bit too close to a parked car and went to start it but had no joy. So he tried again. Still nothing. After Dave and he had checked wire connections etc it was probably a fault with the immobiliser fitted by a previous owner. So we retired to a cafe for a hot drink and a cake while we waited for the AA to turn up to get Ian and bike home.

Ian is doing a tour of Scandinavia soon so I suppose, if you have to have a breakdown, Matlock is better than Northern Norway but still a bad day for Ian.

Dave and I decided instead of going onwards to Monsal we would return home via Ashbourne and the Tissington Trail (parking £3.50 for the day re future cycle ride)

An enjoyable ride (except for Ian) made even better when we reached Ashbourne and all the town was decorated in red, white and blue bunting. Who told them we were coming? Maybe it was for something else, who knows?

Ian got home OK in the AA lorry. We just wished he had been travelling with us.


A fine day saw four bikes turn out with Dave, Peter, Ian and Bob taking a break from pedalling.

A lengthy holdup at a level crossing gave time for a few photos. Riders were disappointed it wasn't Thomas the tank engine they were waiting for.

Two working windmills at Whissendine and Wymondham. I bet they race them when no-one is around.

After an obligatory lunch stop it briefly looked like rain, but it passed over.

The group moved on to Rutland Water for the afternoon.