National Rally

3/4 July 2010

Kegworth is close to MIRA where the special tests are held on Saturday morning. Therefore we had fifteen riders arriving early for the 2 o'clock start.

Past member Andrew Grant (Mary's other half) was the first to check in on a first come - first served basis. That meant that competitor numbers 1-2-3 , Martin Dunham, Simon Gardner and David Shelley who were last year's winning team, were 2-3-4 on our sheet.

Andrew wasn't the only past member in the competition. This year old hand Dave Smith persuaded Phil Freestone to help him look after his son Dan. They could have entered as a team if they hadn't been far too excited to think of it.

Riders found their way to the control easily enough but had problems finding their way back out, especially after dark.

As we expected, most activity was towards the end of the rally as riders made their way to MIRA Final Control.

The last riders passed through with two minutes to spare.

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