Founders Day

26 July 2009

The new layout at the front of the Hall was successful with much more room to move.

The car park was as interesting as the displays.

The overcast sky kept the wasps away (most of them).

Not made at Plumstead.

All kinds of classic designs.

I wondered if this was Robs?

Perils of a down-draft carb.

All mod cons.

Starting bikes ... invading Poland.

Benny Caravelli and Wishbone met for the first time in forty years.

Sitting down hiding a beer and chatting up a lass.

Phil Barton was just one of the K&D lads spotted.

Don't get your ice-cream on my Goldie!


I bought a copy of The Roxy for my husband many years ago for what I think was our 5th wedding anniversary (we've been married over 20 now!!).

Yesterday, he suddenly said to me - "Why has the BSA got a countryside reflection in the chrome tank?" He had always assumed that The Roxy was in London. I don't think that the buses on the picture are London buses - aren't all London buses red?

Can you help?

Many thanks


Hello Rachel,

Thanks for your message regarding the Roxy picture. I wonder why your husband assumed that it was London. I am from Birmingham, home of the British Motorcycle.

The painting was made up in my head using my local cinema in Selly Oak Birmingham as reference for the cinema. The painting was an attempt to capture the atmosphere of a typical scene from that period, without being a particular place. Much as a film maker would use different locations to tell a story.

The bus is a Birmingham corporation bus, in fact the one I used to go to school on.

I take it as a great tribute that he was able to see country reflections in the tank, as it is only a few blobs of watercolour paint. The cafe in the painting is one I used to go to with my mates, and opposite are the grounds of a church reflected in the tank.

Hope this info helps. It is fourteen years since I painted that picture, and I still get asked for it even though it sold out years ago.

Best Wishes

Roy Barrett

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