Skittles at the Heathcote Arms

Croft, Tuesday 4 June 2008

Peter Juby extended an invitation for past members to join the club who where hosting a skittles match with the Fosse Riders ...

... I think he wanted us oldies as some kind of handicap.

We fielded a good turnout with Rob Goddard and John Parbery on their bikes (BSA and AJS). Margaret and Ken Wells, Helen and Mick Ayriss gave their consistent support. Roland Potter and Warwick Pople were brought into the team so we could try to hustle the opposition. This was also our first chance to catch up with Paul and Richard Jesson who are back in contact.

Warwick  Pople

Warwick worked his bowling magic to take away the high score prize ...

... pity about the rest of the team.

Mick  Ayriss

Mick was awarded a wooden spoon after a fierce battle with other team members for the lowest score ...

... he could have used that to scoop down the mushy peas.

A lovely and useable Triumph