Ashby Folville

Tuesday 10 July 2007

We were there under the pub sign at ten minutes past seven and eight o'clock. And so was the ice-cream van.

After weeks of rain it was not possible to park on the cricket pitch. The village was choked up all evening.

It isn't just the classic bikes that turn out. There is new machinery and new riders.

Photos by Ben

Of course there is really ancient stuff as well. Such as Ian Goodson and Rob Winnett.

Photos by Ben

At ten past eight we caught Ian Bower indulging his passion for ice lollies. Could have been worse.

Benny Caravelli has not changed at all. Still wearing the same T shirt.

Photos by Ben

Classic and exotic? Well, it's six of one and half a dozen of the other.

Once in Ashby Folville there was no escape. The place jammed solid.

Photos by Ben

The police brought some sanity by controlling access. Could have made a few bob by selling tickets.

We also spotted Steve White, Colin Hill and Trevor Timberley of the K&DMCC, and heard that John Muschialli had been and gone before the rush.