National Rally

Melton Mowbray, Saturday 24th June 2006

With just one week to go before the big night the team assembled for a photo call. Er ... I mean a boozeup. Er ... I mean a briefing.

Neither Michelle nor Wally Bradshaw could keep a straight face ...

... because they know what these mugs are in for next weekend.

Ian Goodson offered to lend Mary Grant sixpence ...

... if she wanted a go on the helter skelter.

Rachel Crossley, Roy Arnold, Mark and Alan Kirkham listened intently to the rules ...

... then decided among themselves how much the Twilighters are going to charge competitors to stamp their cards.

John Ireland and Andrew Grant didn't need the song sheets because they remember the words ...

... Pity about the tune.

Wishbone managed to evade the camera but we will catch him when he falls asleep next week.

Steve White and Tony Bradley turned up later after overcoming the communications breakdown cause by Ben Crossley leaving his mobile at home. Doesn't bode well for next weekend.

Helen and Mick Ayriss popped in to greet us and to pass on some tips. They are travelling marshals again this year.