Founders Day

25 July 2004

I really put the kybosh on the day by predicting good weather. We had rain until just past midday. Nevertheless there was a gate of over 2000 and a good few past members (and members!) came along in preference to the Donington Grand Prix.

Helen and Mick Ayriss made it on time to the BMF tent manned loyally by Margaret and Ken Wells. Steve White was window shopping Commandos but didn't see one better than his. Chris and Pete Vines were still trying to clear out their garage and Reuben Wesson was wheeling and dealing and promised to turn out to a pub one evening.

Founders Day

John Parbery is a leading light on the Morini club and is justifiably proud of his V-twin.

There was almost enough rain to make it grow another half size.

Founders Day

Rob Goddard has cornered the market in leg-shields.

he has bought up all the right hand ones!

Ken Wells sent the following comment.

Start of quotation Thought you would have taken more photos of Sunday. Margaret got quite excited, had to hose her down to cool off. End of quotation

- Ken Wells

Now, that would have been worth getting the camera out for!

This special was so cleverly constructed I thought you would like to piece it together for yourself. It is no help to know that some of it is Kawasaki.

Click on the middle of a piece and you will be able to move it. Click again to drop it.