Beaumanor, Sunday 21 September 2003

The second Stinkwheel at Beaumanor was much bigger than the first, partly due to the reputation of last year's event and partly because of the excellent weather.

The Leicester Phoenix Motorcycle Club had a display at the Stinkwheel. It was an opportunity for seven past members to meet the team that is carrying the flag forward into the 21st century with traditional vigour and camaraderie.

Stinkwheel at Beaumanor

John Beccles found that the smell of a freshly pulled pint can still draw past Phoenix members from miles around.

Left to right Mary and Ron Tunks, Derek Foster and John Beccles.

Stinkwheel at Beaumanor

Steve White was unconcerned that he was excluded from the 'Best Birdsnest in a Beard" contest.

Left to right John Beccles, Peter Juby, Steve White.

Ye Olde Bulls Head

Seventeen past members, friends and family met in the evening in Woodhouse Eaves. For some it was the first time they had met for 20, 30 or 40 years. For others simply the first time they had met. Through the Phoenix we all have the same sense of fun and enjoyment.

Ye Olde Bulls Head, Woodhouse Eaves

Keith Fosberry (Foz) reminded Carole Pople how to tickle Warwick's Amal.

Ye Olde Bulls Head, Woodhouse Eaves

Jackie Howden and Val Fosberry pretended they were in the library discussing fine points of English allegory.

Actually they were discussing five pints of English ale.

Ye Olde Bulls Head, Woodhouse Eaves

Jan Riddle was amazed that thirty years on Terry can still recite the whole of Eskimo Nell but never remembers an anniversary.

Ye Olde Bulls Head, Woodhouse Eaves

On Friday night Warwick had returned home from the Coach and Horses because he could not find any motorcyclists, only "old people".

He felt much more at home amongst kids from the 70s.

Ye Olde Bulls Head, Woodhouse Eaves

Ben Crossley, Nev Baum and Derek Foster all denied putting effluent in Gary Cox's drink.

Can you blame them?

Ye Olde Bulls Head, Woodhouse Eaves

Helen Preston and Rob Goddard were convinced that Warwick was talking a load of bowls.

Warwick thought they were listening.