Kent Custom Bike Show

10 July 1987 - Hells Angels MC

Another hot weekend for the Custom Bike Show.

I went along with a local group of bikers and we were impressed by the size of the thing. With the number of people there, security had to be obvious to work, so sentry towers were numerous and well manned. Were those seaside telescopes up there as well?

There were no bonfires any more, so nobody would have trees cut down or wood stolen this weekend.

There were obviously going to be many, many bikes on show, which many people were taking pictures of, including police officers!

I can't remember any of the bands from Friday night, but one of the Saturday bands was 'The Brothers Grimm', who did Blues Brothers songs. I assume the female vocalist was called Minnie the Moocher?

The Bike Show still went on a bit on Sunday, but this was mostly prize giving. The number of visitors meant it would be taking forever to get out of the site so best not to rush it. Many of us took the chance to tidy up out group's collection of empty beer cans and food wrappings into some semblance of order.

Phil Drackley - Phil the Spill