Easter Egg Run

6th April 1980 - Epsom & District MCC

"What could we do to improve our image in the locality?" Somebody asked.

One member, Gary, (known as Adolf), uttered a phrase that is still repeated whenever we meet up. "Well, actions speak worder than louds. Why don't we take some Easter Eggs to kids stuck in hospital this Easter?"

It was agreed that this seemed to be a popular thing at the time.

So it was decided, eggs were bought, a hospital was asked, and agreed to it, the Police said they'd help us with the traffic, and a local paper said they'd cover it.

The day dawned and quite a few bikes turned up in the High Street. Eggs were piled up just for some photos. The police car arrived and all the eggs were reloaded onto the bikes, perhaps more evenly dispersed than they arrived. The hospital wasn't far and there was hardly any traffic, so the police escort had been only for show.

We drove around the one-way system at the hospital, until we reached the main door. The representative took delivery of the eggs with many thanks. The staff thought our delivering the eggs ourselves would be a bit too unsettling for the youngsters, so we left them the eggs, negotiated our way out and, after a quick cuppa back at the club HQ, we all went home.

During the week, the local paper came out. Apparently a local biker gang terrorised children in a hospital by being chased through hospital grounds by police, revving their powerful engines as loud as they could and leaving a trail of terror in their wake.

We didn't bother doing any more of those.

Phil Drackley - Phil the Spill

Start of quotation I remember it, and the press report afterwards, that had headline and wording using words like 'Gang' and 'Chapter', and portraying an image of us as uncontrolled hooligans roaring our engines and flashing our headlights, ending with a line something like "But the residents loved it, as they were delivering Easter Eggs". End of quotation

- Timothy Cannon

Start of quotation Oh yes. And the patient who kept coming back for more eggs.

We delivered the eggs to the mental hospital in Epsom - I wonder if my Mother-in-Law was there at the time? End of quotation

- Peter Summersgill