South West
Custom & Classic Bike Show

1-3 May 1987

There were a few changes to this event since I was last there two years back. The camping was a few miles from the show site, on an extremely hilly area. This year I was with a bunch of local bikers, as the rest of my club, following the sleeping gear theft last time, were no longer interested.

It was decided that Friday night would be spent at the nearest pub, about halfway to the show site. This was going well, until a fight broke out and the Police were called. It was decided that the guys I was with would all say I was going to be giving them a lift back, as I was the only one that didn't drink, but the incident was sorted out with the minimum of fuss and nobody was breathalysed before heading back to the field.

On Saturday, there seemed to be even more bikes there than last year, but no Rally Review stand to work at.

The Helicopter company were here again and I had brought sufficient funds to partake of a flight this time, which was nice.

After a few more hours of staring at bikes I went back to the field, followed later by the others.

I am still surprised at the distance between our tents and the beer/music marquees, but they were, actually, nearer to us that the town was. So the others thought better of visiting the pub again and kept their activities on site this time.

This year there was no deterioration of the weather overnight, so it was not an unpleasant ride home. I noticed, before we left, that the preferred machines of our little group were German in origin and mostly the same colour as well.

Phil Drackley - Phil the Spill