Telstar Camping

12th April 1985 - Telstar BC

Just a few months after our fireworks 'festival', we felt it was time for another camping weekend, so it was back to the Sir Roger Tichbourne again.

After the wet winter, the field was a bit muddy, so the bikes stayed in the car park. The forever-sagging sidestand on my BMW required extra support anyway, so I didn't complain.

Due to the time of year the pub's fireplace wasn't being used for its intended purpose, so allowing extra seating room in the pub, which we filled easily. The muddy field meant that sitting around a bonfire would not have been very welcoming, so we went without for this weekend.

The next day seemed to have been spent almost entirely in the pub. This may have been entirely due to the weather. When, eventually, we staggered off to our tents, one guy had to be forcibly prevented from attempting to climb a telegraph pole in the car park. (He may have mistakenly believed he was in a marquee and wanted to climb to the roof, who knows?) There was a bit of a struggle after he was brought back to earth and a couple of his helpers got a bit covered in mud, but the pole remained un-climbed.

After that the night was rather uneventful. It was certainly devoid of any fireside antics, anyway.

The weather hadn't improved noticeably by the morning, so it was a rather damp pack-up and ride home.

Phil Drackley - Phil the Spill