Telstar Camping

17th August 1984 - Telstar BC

Not put off by last year, the Sir Roger Tichbourne pub continued to allow us to hold a camping weekend in their field, in Loxwood, Surrey.

There was a tent in the field when we got there, but memory doesn't serve enough to confirm that they were or weren't already known by some of the club members. (they were in a car), but they seemed a friendly lot.

It was a quiet night in the pub on Friday.

On Saturday, eventually, after the obligatory lunchtime session in the pub, we had an impromptu throwing contest, but I have no record of exactly what it was that we were throwing.

After a further bit of larking about in the afternoon, it was back into the pub again, where a lot of picture-taking seemed to be taking place.

Even at this time of year we felt the need for a bonfire after chucking-out time, but it didn't need to be a big one.

In the morning, a Triumph owner was heard considering a routine midfield rebuild, but it was a BMW that required a push to start it, (and it wasn't mine!).

Phil Drackley - Phil the Spill