Steve White's Fifth Set

Steve White recalls the names and places.

Photo from Steve White

Carl Wykes (then) girlfriend on his CX500. Club run to some kite flying festival at a Weston Park, a stately home just off the A5..

A CX500 may not have a featherbed frame but it works just as well.

Photo from Steve White

Same club run rest stop as above. L to R & front to back: Cyn Mauger, Christine Gunn, Andy Wagg, Carl Wykes, Paul Lockwood-Lee, Daz Mauger, Peter Juby (Martin Needham behind him), Howard Wykes.

The club run would have made better progress if the tail-end-charlie was also on a motorcycle rather than a pair of plimsols.

Photo from Steve White

Lee Circle for a traditional Sunday run. L to R: Martin Needham, (couple of unknowns with lids on), Dave Cockerton(?) at the back, Carl Wykes (?), Paul Lockwood-Lee, Steve Connolley (?), Andy Wagg, Cyn Mauger, (two unknown in lids).

Lee Circle was still the starting point right into the 80s. The riders could wizz round three times to build up escape velocity.

Photo from Steve White

Leicester Phoenix Motorcycle Club members are always willing to prop up an unstable wall or to try to hatch a helmet. That might be Sue Gandy & Vic Lowen, in the middle.

Members never fell out even when no-one remembered to bring the sandwiches.

Cyn Mauger Christine Wagg Andy Wagg Carl Wykes Paul Lockwood-Lee Daz Mauger Ron Cundell Alan Reid Peter Juby Martin Needham Howard Wykes Martin Needham 2 3 Dave Cockerton Carl Wykes Paul Lockwood-Lee Steve Connolley Andy Wagg Cyn Mauger 10 11