Steve White's Third Set

Steve White cast his mind back to recall the felonies and the perpetrators


Weekend camp at Hawes, Yorkshire. PJF 654M Dave Smith's 850 Commando, YJU 618J Dave Scrivens' Velo, Ben Crossley's 750 Commando.

It was a good idea to bake our own bread at the camp site but we used far too much yeast.

Hawes Campsite

Also at Hawes. Was this where Kevin kept buying racing pigeons off the locals?

Kevin Brewin thought it was handy having Ben Crossley on a run when he wore his fly paper suit.

Rally Somewhere

At a rally somewhere. (In case you didn't guess)

It wasn't until Terry Reynolds unwrapped the bedroll that he realised he had packed up Dave Hill at the last camp.

Apple Motorcycles

Not the club at all. Her fella was called Mick Devlin, and I worked with him at Apple Motorcycles in Queen Street, Leicester, near the Odeon.

The handlebars may have been OK for the rider but the pillion still got an awful crick in the back.

Teignmouth Beach

Teignmouth beach bums.

This microscopic view shows what happens to your teeth and gums if you don't brush after meals.

Exmouth High Tide

Weekend camp at Teignmouth. About 1977.

When they left their bikes in the car park the tide must have been out.

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