Mick's Memories

Photos from Mick Ayriss' collection

Mick Ayriss is happy to look back on years past and we can enjoy sharing his photos.

Where's the Pub?

This would be a typical club run except for three details.

Mallory Snap

Mallory Park and Jenny English uses a fast shutter speed to catch a member opening his wallet.

Typical club run. Wet. Cold. Grumpy. Tired. Hungry. (Cannot remember their real names)

Continental Refreshments

Obviously abroad. Actually Spain 1974.

Sunny Spain

I think this is Bilbao. I always thought it was Rocky.

Another Puncture

Tyre changing competitions were popular. Except when we were miles from no-where on a club run.


Yorkshire Moors. Never a bush to go behind when you need it.

Sunday Morning

Setting off for somewhere as the sun comes up.

A Rest From Climbing

Who are these kids? Why haven't they ever grown up?

Into the Bends

Parting view, over the hill and into the bends.

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