Paul and Lynda Dunn Collection

Early 70s Rallies

As promised here are some photographs for the group:-

Some of these will be moved to the appropriate rally reports in the fullness of time.


The first one is taken at a rally (forget the name) near Birmingham. I seem to recall it was in the grounds of a mental hospital or something. In the picture are Terry Reynolds, Steve White, Graham Hill from Kettering MCC, Dave Scattergood and Lynda.

Put the Kettle On

This is Dave Scattergood and me at the Iron and Steel rally.

Iron and Steel Rally

This is Terry Reynolds at the Iron and Steel.

Packed and Ready

My bike on the seafront at Cleethorpes (Iron and Steel rally weekend).

Starting Early

This was also taken at the Iron and Steel and shows Dave Lester and I think Terry Reynolds.

Steve Brown claims the face behind the hand is his own fair countenance.

Ox Roast Rally

This is Terry Reynolds, Dave Cockerton and Steve White. It was taken in Lyme Regis on the Ox Roast weekend.

Paul and Honda

Paul Dunn and Honda!