Reuben's Photos

Photos from Reuben Wesson including pictures taken with brother clubs.

If you can add any details - names, places events - then please post them in using the Contact Centre. Every snippet may help others to recall more details.

The Fox In

Reuben in the centre of the action at the Fox, Lutterworth in 1968.

Hinckley and District MCC

Reuben (left) with the Hinckley and District lads on a rally in about 1970.

Weren't the Hinckley and District called the Treble Threes?


Again with the Hinckley and District, probably at the seaside somewhere.

Les Williams and Norman Hyde

A Triumph Owners rally at Stanford Hall with bikes being judged by Les Williams and Norman Hyde.

Manx Ferry

On the way to the Isle of Man. This is Ron Rutherford in the latest in safety helmet.


A couple of Tridents outside the Meriden Social Club, probably early eighties.

Pause at Pub

A run out with the Meriden branch of the Triumph Owners to a .. er .. pub.

Taking a Sup

Taken at a meeting between the Leicester Phoenix and the Kettering and District.

I would guess this may be at the White Hart, Bithorn.


Reuben did say where and when this was taken but think yourself lucky it is the right way up.

Camping at Donington

Two photos from Donington Park. Reuben thinks it is the BMF rally which should put it in the mid 70s. Terry Reynolds thinks it is the Fox Rally but I don't recall ever doing a Fox.


There is no photo of the two girls pulling the rope the other way.

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