Unknown Brothers

Who are these?

More photos from Jean-Francois Helias in the hope that you might recognise yourself or friends from your youth.

This photo may identify the location and club so we can fix the combo!

Put your mouse pointer over the background church sign.

A really posh club room with wallpaper and curtains. Probably with oily hand prints.

Oops! Someone is falling off his stool.

Too smartly dressed to be rallyists being transported to a pub. My guess is a bus trip to a motorcycle show at Earls Court or Blackpool.

Guarding the crates of Newcastle Brown.

Typical club room. If only we could read the date on the calendar!

Looks like the Membership Secretary is checking you are paid up.

Stretching into the early 70s because there are 1970 to 1972 Dragon Rally badges among the Aegir, Blackpool and Ides of March badges.

Get a load of them pearly whites!

Rallyists drink to forget. Now you are sober, tell us who you remember.

The guy with the moutache was called The Mexican. Probably because he drank tequila.

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