Early Dragon Snaps

Photos of the 1967 Dragon Rally camp at Glyn Padarn from John Muschialli who managed to keep his camera dry.

Proof that some riders managed to get their tent pegs through the slate strewn ground.

Move your pointer over a face to see who made it to the 1967 Dragon.

Many members opted to sleep in one of the brick huts in the slate quarry grounds.

Reports next morning were that they would have been warmer and drier sleeping outside.

Tony Loach inspected his Norton in preparation for the return journey.

Jan Muschalli sorted out the luggage while John took the photos.


Start of quotation Just found this site through Facebook. It's brought back some very wet and chilly memories of the Rally. Yes I was one of the wimps who spent the night in one of the buildings. Great times though. End of quotation

- Tony Crossley Salford
Honda CB72 250cc

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Open quote Very nostalgic! I remember it all too well. Close quote