Brian Gamble's Photos

Brian was a keen member in the very early 60s and enjoyed club runs to Wales, Cornwall and many other places. He loaned these photos and a rare picture outside the Rocket that is shown on the Club Nights page.

Club Run to Wales 1960

Brian Gamble and Warwick Pople were the only two members to ride right to the transmission station on the top of a Welsh mountain.

Typical club run 1960

Taken on a typical club run. All British bikes.

Club Run to Cornwall 1960

Nev Baum and Bill Langley in a group of motorcycles no doubt parked outside a pub. I think the English Riviera.

Off the bikes 1960

Rod Hull (Pud), John Muschialli, Eric Bailey, Ron Tunks, Jan Muschialli, Andre ... Someone must remember where this is.

Boughton on the Water

This time I recognise the place but not the people. Boughton on the Water is my guess.

Warwick Pople Neville Baum Bill Langley Ron Tunks Eric Bailey Neville Baum Bill Langley Eric Bailey John Muschialli Jan Muschialli Rod Hull Ron Tunks Andre Glenda Bailey 6 5 4 8 3 2 1 10 9