Foz's Founders' Photos

Photos from Keith and Val Fosberry from the very beginning of the Leicester Phoenix Motorcycle Club.

If you can add any details - names, places events - then please post them in using the Contact Centre. Every snippet may help others to recall more details.

Foz and his Royal Enfield

Foz on his Royal Enfield Bullet 350.

Hey Foz, is that a leaopard skin seat cover?

Val Fosberry and RE

Val Fosberry with the Royal Enfield.

Collecting Provisions

Ready to leave Aberystwyth. Looks like Foz, Val, Ron Tunks and Tony Bradley. Musch's Norton combo is on the right.

Country Roads

Tony Bradley and Ron Tunks doing the 'Easy Rider' bit. Val took this from the pillion.

Warwick may have taken similar snaps from the back of Derek Foster's Bike. We await the pictures.

Sea Front

Jan and Musch, Tony and Ron, Foz and someone.

Damned Stove

Unknown, Foz and Ron Tunks (backside to camera).

Getting one of those pesky primus stoves going to make a nice cup of Rosie-Lee.
Foz thinks the backside belongs to Tony Bradley.

Ride Out

Left to right Jan, unknown, Musch, Ron Tunks, unknown.

This must be one of the first Hondas in the country.

Parked Up

Foz sent a better picture of the Honda Super Dream. Also in the picture, a CSR Matchless (Tony Bradley's?) and a BSA (Ron Tunks'?).

Oh, I nearly forgot the gels. Jan Muschialli and Val Fosberry.

Jan Muschialli Val Fosberry  
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